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Culture and Discovery in Madagascar

The Reniala, the mother of the forest

Scattered from north to south on the western side of the island, there are as many shapes of baobabs as there are human faces. Along with the lemur, the baobab is the rea...
Simon Hoffmann15 October 2015
Travel story

Fort Dauphin and its coastline at the end of the world...

Head out to the southernmost coast of the Great Island to venture into a timeless and spiritual setting... time for a unique story of great beauty!
Servane Rig15 October 2015
Travel story

Skimming the water on the Canal des Pangalanes…

Embark on the Canal des Pangalanes for a 2 to 3 day cruise and an out of this world excursion… A really lovely 100% nature experience that will take you across lakes and...
Servane Rig14 October 2015
Travel story

Trek in Andringitra, between Pic Boby and Tsaranoro...

Cross from the south to the highlands of the Red Island and discover amazing natural scenery that will take your breath away... In an arid rocky position, the Andringitra...
Servane Rig14 October 2015
Travel story
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