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KyrgyzstanUncover the heart of Kyrgyzstan

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The Kyrgyz land is a place of the untouched wild nature where the people from ancient times still keep their traditions, customs and culture. In the mountains, you can meet the modern nomads who do not change their lifestyle for centuries. Their simple life can go into the yurt, a felt house that Kyrgyz nomads set so skillfully and decorate it with such love by multi-colored carpets. ​A lot of inc...

The Kyrgyz land is a place of the untouched wild nature where the people from ancient times still keep their traditions, customs and culture. In the mountains, you can meet the modern nomads who do not change their lifestyle for centuries. 

Their simple life can go into the yurt, a felt house that Kyrgyz nomads set so skillfully and decorate it with such love by multi-colored carpets. 

​A lot of incredible discoveries and positive impressions expect you during this trip.

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Tour itinerary includes
  • Walking and trekking
    Walking and trekking
  • Lake
  • Local culture
    Local culture
  • Nature observation
    Nature observation
  • Countryside

Your group tour

Day 1: Airport – Bishkek

We will pick you up at the airport / border point and drop you off at the comfortable hotel where you can have a rest.

After rest and breakfast, the visit of the city Bishkek is planned. We will visit sights such as the central square Ala Too with its monuments and the Oak park.

After lunch at the local restaurant, we visit the famous market, Osh bazar. Just as you step the market, you plunge into the real oriental atmosphere: an interminable stream of people, a big variety of goods and colors.

Dinner in the traditional restaurant where you can taste the national Kyrgyz cuisine. 

Duration and distance : 30 km, 40 min

Rixon (Bishkek)

Day 2: Bishkek – Burana – Cholpon-Ata

Breakfast in the hotel.

Our journey begins with a visit of the Burana Tower. The Burana Tower is an ancient minaret in the Chuy Valley in the north part of Kyrgyzstan. The tower with funerary monuments, earthworks, remains of the castle and three mausoleums – that’s all what last out of the ancient Balasagyn town that was founded by Karakhanids at the end of the ninth century.

Lunch on the road in the cafe or in the guest house.

As we arrive in Cholpon Ata, we will visit the petroglyph museum. The 42 hectares of the museum are dotted with stone, tombs, balbals and various petroglyphs. These petroglyphs date from the 2nd millennium BC until the 4th century AD.

Then we drive you to the hotel located on the lake shore. You can rest on the beach and swim in the lake.

Dinner in the restaurant.  

Option: boat trip. 

Duration and distance : 290 km, 4h

Bishkek, Burana, Cholpon-Ata
Kapriz Resort Issyk Kul (Cholpon-Ata)

Day 3: Cholpon-Ata – gorges Grigorievskoe and Semienovskoe – Karakol

After breakfast we visit the Grigorievskoe and Semienovskoe Gorge. These places are considered as one of the most famous attractions of the Issyk Kul region.  You can go for a walk, enjoy the wild nature around you and spend a nice time in this beautiful place.

Picnic or lunch in the cafe on the road.

As we arrive to Karakol we visit its famous sights such as the Orthodox Church and the Dungan Mosque.

You have dinner in the local restaurant and you have a rest in the hotel.  

Duration and distance : 160 km, 3h

Cholpon-Ata, Grigorievskoe, Semienovskoe, Karakol
Karagat (Karakol)

Day 4: Karakol – Altyn-Arashan – Karakol

Breakfast in the hotel.

This day, we try a special transport (Russian SUV car UAZ) on real broken mountain roads; we have to overcome the enormous rocks, ravines and pits. This ride should to be very exciting and fascinating.

By arriving in Altyn Arashan, you can swim in the hot springs.

You will have free time to walk in the gorge. Lunch in the guest house or yurt in Altyn Arashan.

We return on the same Russian SUV is more difficult because of the relief, so you can appreciate the good skills of the driver.

Arriving in Karakol, dinner in the restaurant and rest in the hotel.  

Duration and distance : 40 km, 2-3h go and back

Karakol, Altyn Arashan

Day 5: Karakol – Jety Oguz – Barskoon – Tamga

After breakfast we leave Karakol for Jety Oguz gorge.

The red rock Broken Heart located at the entrance to the gorge creates a special romantic ambiance in the gorge. You take a walk there for an hour.

Picnic lunch is planned or lunch in the yurt.

Then we go to Barskoon Gorge with the gorgeous landscapes. You go for a walk to the waterfall Tears of Snow Leopard.

In the evening you will enjoy a real Russian sauna.

Dinner in the guesthouse with a Russian family.  

Duration and distance : 135 km, 2-3h

Karakol, Jety Orguz, Barskoon, Tamga
U Pavla Guesthouse (Tamga)

Day 6: Tamga – Skazka – Bokonbaevo – Kyzyl Tuu - Kochkor 

After breakfast in the guesthouse, we leave towards the village Kochkor and passing on the south shore of the lake, we will visit the Skazka canyons which translate as the “fairy tale”. Here you can find objects of surprising shapes and sizes. A real skyscraper or an animal can appear in front of you. Walking in the canyons (1-2h).

In Bokonbaevo, we meet an eagle hunter with his bird. You can appreciate the alertness and speed of the bird during the hunting. It is one of the oldest traditions of Kyrgyz nomads.

Lunch in the guesthouse or cafe.

Our next stop is Kyzyl Tuu village where the local family reveals the secrets of yurt production. This family is engaged in this unique art from generation to generation.

Dinner in the guesthouse in Kochkor.  

Duration and distance : 170 km, 3h.

Tamga, Skazka, Bokonbaevo , Kizil-Tou, Kochkor
Mira Guesthouse (Kochkor)

Day 7: Kochkor – Tash Rabat

After breakfast, we take the road and continue our journey.

On our way, we have to overcome the Dolon Pass (3030 m), then we go to the old caravan stop of the Silk Road period - Tash Rabat.

On the road we stop in the city of Naryn to have lunch in the restaurant.

We arrive at the yurt camp in Tash Rabat. Tash Rabat is a historical monument founded by monks in the 10th century. At the begging of the Silk Road period Tash Rabat lost its religious significance and the monastery served as a hotel for passing caravans.

Dinner and overnight in yurt.

Accommodation: Yurt camp.

Option: horse riding. 

Duration and distance : 240 km, 4h.

Kochkor, Tash-Rabat

Day 8: Tash Rabat -  Son Kul

After breakfast, the beautiful mountain roads lead us to Son Kul Lake.

Today, we overcome the mountain pass Moldo Ashu (3400 m). From the pass the lake Son Kul seems very small, but descending lower and approaching the lake, it appears as a big and gorgeous lake.

Upon arrival at a camp at the lake, you get to know the hospitality of the nomads, their lifestyle and their customs. Dinner and night in the yurts.

Accommodation: Yurt camp.

Option: horse riding.  

Duration and distance : 260 km, 5h.

Tash-Rabat, Son Koul

Day 9: Son Kul - Bishkek

We return to the capital after breakfast in the yurt.

We will return to the civilization descending from Kalmak Ashu pass of 3400 m and passing again by the Boom gorge.

Lunch in the cafe.

As we get Bishkek we will have time to visit the local market to buy some presents, and in the evening the farewell dinner awaits us.  

Duration and distance : 315 km, 5-6h.

Son Koul, Bishkek
Rixon (Bishkek)

Day 10: Bishkek – Airport - Departure

Transfer to the airport. Departure. 

Duration and distance : 30 km, 40 min.


BishkekBuranaCholpon-AtaGrigorievskoeSemienovskoeKarakolAltyn ArashanJety OrguzBarskoonTamgaSkazkaBokonbaevo Kizil-TouKochkorTash-RabatSon KoulBishkek

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