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So, you've made your choice: Kenya's the one! Now you need to get down to the nitty gritty of your trip, particularly when it comes to practicalities. Administrative procedures, vaccinations, getting out and about... What needs to be done? Don't panic, the Evaneos team has put to...So, you've made your choice: Kenya's the one! Now you need to get down to the nitty gritty of your trip, particularly when it comes to practicalities. Administrative procedures, vaccinations, getting out and about... What needs to be done? Don't panic, the Evaneos team has put together a comprehensive, practical guide to Kenya. You will find all the info you need to plan your trip, alongside useful tips on Kenya's culture, customs and practices. Especially useful when it comes to transport! For example, Kenyan taxis don't have meters, so prices need to be agreed in advance! Or there's the infamous matter of 'African time'... Even if the time difference between the UK and Kenya is only an hour or two (depending on the season), the concept of time and punctuality is an entirely different matter. You'll find the answers to all your questions in this handy guide!Continue reading

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23 Inspiring Trip Ideas in Kenya
  • Off the beaten track
Relaxing beach and SGR safari
Length10 daysApprox.$2,470
  • Highlights
Hike and wildlife
Length7 daysApprox.$1,360
  • Highlights
2020 Kichwa Safari
Length6 daysApprox.$1,000
  • Highlights
Local encounters and safari adventure
Length8 daysApprox.$2,860
  • Off the beaten track
Savannah And Gorillas
Experience the spellbinding beauty of Kenya and Uganda during this once in a lifetime African safari adventure! Our local, experienced guides are...
Length7 daysApprox.$3,520
  • Highlights
Spotting the Big Five
From the open plains of the Masa Mara National Reserve, to the shimmery pink waters of Lake Nauru and the swamps of Amboseli, this safari...
Length7 daysApprox.$2,340
  • Highlights
Rift Valley Lakes, Masai Mara, Diani Beach Classic
This short but rewarding 10-day tour will take you down into the Great Rift Valley and to the vast game-rich plains of the Masai Mara. Catch sight of...
Length11 daysApprox.$2,680
  • Highlights
The Northern Treasures
Step up nature lovers! This 8-day tour will show you the highlights of Kenya’s exotic wildlife. See mammals only found north of the equator in Shaba...
Length8 daysApprox.$3,470
join a group
  • Highlights
Mombassa Beach and Tsavo / Amboseli Safari
This trip is perfect if you want to combine relaxing on the beach with some high intensity bush experiences. This 8-day tour combines safaris through...
Length8 daysApprox.$2,040
join a group
  • Highlights
Amboseli, Samburu and Mara Highlights
Looking for that romantic getaway with an exotic twist? This is the trip for you. Spend 7 wonderful days exploring the most beautiful areas of Kenyan...
Length7 daysApprox.$3,850
join a group
  • Highlights
Wild Odyssey to the Coast
Appreciate the diverse beauty of the Kenyan landscape on this 11-day tour. Between Nairobi and the Indian Ocean, you’ll take in the magnificent...
Length11 daysApprox.$3,520
  • Boutique travel
Honeymoon in Kenya
Length8 daysApprox.$1,650
  • Highlights
Family adventure in the Savannah!
Length8 daysApprox.$4,290
  • Boutique travel
Luxury safari East Africa
Travel in style from the city lights of Nairobi to plains of Masai Mara and the shores of Lake Victoria. This 6 day journey is a coupling of...
Length6 daysApprox.$6,500
  • Highlights
Kilimanjaro Safari
Length10 daysApprox.$1,540
  • Highlights
Kroks vs Hippos
Length7 daysApprox.$1,440
  • Highlights
The very best of Kenya 
Welcome to beautiful diversity of landscapes, animals, bird and plant life and fascinating cultures. Kenya is endowed with all these and more....
Length7 daysApprox.$1,620
join a group
  • Off the beaten track
Adventurous wildlife in Kenya and Tanzania
Welcome to the true home of the African safari. This is untamed Africa, where wildebeest, shadowed by zebras, stampede in their millions across the...
Length10 daysApprox.$3,170
  • Off the beaten track
Discover the heart of Africa
Length8 daysApprox.$3,460
  • Boutique travel
Cultural trip to Kenya
Length8 daysApprox.$4,610

Travelling to Kenya: final tips and advice

Our Kenya tour suggestions will fire up your imagination and leave you itching to land in the heart of the country's expansive plains. Trust us, we know what you're after! For example, how long have you wished of meeting the Masai people, known for their kindness and hospitality? Follow local tradition and introduce yourself to the village chief before pitching your tent for the night. Let them show you their local customs in an environment where time stands still and humanity takes pride of place. There's also another side to Kenya: miles of beach that stretch along the Indian Ocean, where you can explore the coast as you stroll along endless stretches of fine, white sand. Lay out your towel on Diani Beach and dive into a turquoise sea that's home to an intoxicating kaleidoscope of tropical fish. And when you're ready for a sail across the big blue, hop on a dhow and enjoy the sights and sounds from the safety of a traditional East African boat. Here is an overview of what Kenya has to offer. You'll find all the ideas you need to plan a dream tour of Kenya. A once in a lifetime, personalised trip is only a few clicks away!
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