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JapanTokyo tours and Japan's Goto Islands

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Day 1: Welcome to Tokyo!

Start the day with a visit to the world’s tallest tower. At 2,080 feet (634 m), the Tokyo Skytree offers spectacular views as far as Mount Fuji from its 360-degree observation deck. If heights aren’t your thing, take a walk through the grounds of Sensoji,  the city's oldest and most historically significant temple. Legends say it was founded when two brothers fished a statue of the goddess Kannon out of the Sumida River. The neighboring Asakusa Shrine also highlights the stark differences between Shinto and Buddhist belief systems.

As night falls, board the overnight ferry to the Izu Islands and watch the city lights fade as you leave Tokyo behind. 


Day 2: Tokyo's Hidden Island of Hachijojima

You will wake up today surrounded by the sea on the overnight ferry to the island of Hachijojima. This place has some of the best views we’ve seen in Japan (especially Hachijofuji). The natural hot springs overlooking the ocean on Hachijojima is probably one of our favorite's in all of Japan, and racing there on go-karts is of course the only way to go. A stop by its volcano for a short hike as well as visit to its beautiful waterfalls is a must. Depending on the season, a couple of nearby islands also offer swimming with wild dolphins! 


Day 3: Volcano in the Sea - Aogashima

Aogashima is one of Japan’s smallest villages. Located out in the middle of the sea, it is a small and peaceful island community that has been constructed inside of a volcano, and the best way to reach it, is by helicopter! Some people go there just for the helicopter ride out in the middle of the sea, but the stars at night there away from all of the light pollution of Tokyo are an amazing sight to see.

The island is so small you can walk around it in just a few hours, and a short hike up Mr Maruyama gives a great view of the island. Other activities include a trip to a nearby volcanic steam sauna and using the volcano’s natural steam pockets to cook your food!


Days 4 to 5: Kansai Cuisine in Osaka

Osaka gives Tokyo a run for its money when it comes to delicious cuisine. Today you'll experience its delights with a street food tour. Enjoy being tantalized with mouthwatering smells and tastes as you traverse the city streets, sampling the specialties of the Kansai area. Savor the best rice wine in the region at a nearby sake brewery, and for those who prefer whiskey, tour and taste at the nearby whiskey distillery.

Afterward, head to Osaka's famous castle for panoramic views of the city before ending your night in the trendy Dotonbori district. Full of fantastic restaurants, clubs, and karaoke bars, its the city's go-to area for a great night out.


Days 6 to 7: Goto Islands - A Hidden Gem

The Goto Islands are steeped in mystery. The history and stories that the islands have to tell are very deep and interesting.  It used to be the site for fleeing Christians which means there are tons of fascinating churches on the main island of Fukue. There are also a lot of small, and hidden islands within the archipelago, and each has a unique story and environment. One of them only has a single person left on it!

The sashimi here is some of the best in the country as the fish is never frozen, caught that day and so flavorful! Takahama beach is one of our favorite beaches, not just in Japan, but in the entire world. The water is crystal clear, and the craggy shore further out on the beach make it unique and beautiful. Other activities we love to recommend include stargazing on Mt Onidake, a boat trip to the small island of Oushima, and dinner at a homestyle Japanese restaurant.

The bountiful sea in the area also has so much to offer. Diving, surfing, fishing, and some of the warmest people we've ever met.  It is a must-see place for any season!

OsakaGotō Islands, ,

Days 8 to 9: The port city of Nagasaki

This port town in the Kyushu region has been heavily influenced by the international community and this is very evident in its cuisine. From Chinese dumplings and Turkish rice, to chanpon and Japan’s best caviar, karasumi – it’s everything a foodie could want. While here it would be a good opportunity to view the beautiful city expanse from the Mt Inasa ropeway, rated as one the of top 3 views in all of Asia!

You will also visit the islands of Dejima and Gunkanjima, although the first has actually been reclaimed and is no longer the man-made island it used to be. Dejima used to be a Dutch trading post and the only open port in country when Japan was cut of from the international world. Gunkanjima means ‘battleship island’, and it gets its name from its shape, which resembles a battleship. It was once the most densely populated place on the planet, and an active coal mine!

One cannot go to Nagasaki without visiting its Atomic Bomb Museum and Peace Park which have very important lessons for us all to learn.

Gotō Islands, , , Nagasaki

Day 10: Farewell!

Today you'll bid farewell to Japan and reflect on all the fantastic memories you've made during your trip!


TokyoAsakusaOsakaGotō IslandsNagasaki

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