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Japanese gastronomy

Arguably one of the best reasons to go to Japan. Aside from the wide variety of choice and its quality, the food is also extremely healthy and relatively good value.

Japanese cuisine – the basics


The all-time classic, these strips of fish wrapped around rice flavoured with a bit of wasabi (spicy Japanese sauce) is of a much better quality than any you'll find in the UK. You can find it at counter bars, served fresh, made-to-order, or circulating on conveyor belts. In both instances, the chef just behind the bar will be sure to put on a little show in a friendly atmosphere.



This Chinese noodle soup, with a Japanese sauce twist is made from wheat noodles. It is served in a big bowl of broth, seasoned with miso or soy sauce and, depending on the recipe, is accompanied with vegetables, pork and other traditional ingredients. The best way to test it out is in the warm atmosphere of a small noodle stand. For 4 to 6 pounds, you are sure to have a hearty meal that will certainly fill you up!


You might be mistaken in thinking that these are the same as any old skewer you'd put on a barbecue. But, it's less about the quality and more about the ingredients used to prepare them. Forget the typical British chicken skewer and think more along the lines of liver, heart and cartilage skewers. They're not for the faint-hearted, so be careful when ordering!


These are a sort of stuffed savoury pancake that you cook yourself on a hot plate in the middle of the table.



Japanese-style fast food, or how to eat well and healthily from just 300 ¥ (£1.90). The typical speciality is gyūdon, a bowl of rice topped with thin slices of beef and onions as a sort of broth. Something special about this fast food is that it is supported by the Fukushima region. The vast majority of the products used to make it come from this region, in order to support the local economy.


When it comes to beef, you should know that the Japanese like it very tender. Don't be surprised if you're presented with a fairly greasy cut on your plate, that's how they like it when eating in.


Olivier Ruel
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Updated 12 May 2016
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