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Culture and Discovery

Violence and natural disasters: the history of Indonesia

Before independence in 1945, Indonesia was a Dutch colony for two centuries. Sukarno then led the country with an iron fist and was replaced by Jusuf Habibie. But Indones...
Tiphaine Leblanc17 November 2015

Jewellery or batik clothing: so many souvenirs in Indonesia

You are bound to bring back a batik table cloth or piece of clothing from Indonesia, but don't forget to explore all the other things the country has to offer. Jewellery,...
Tiphaine Leblanc17 November 2015

What prices should I expect during my trip to Indonesia?

In these articles I will give you some information so you can plan you trip to Indonesia better.
Marie Foucaut17 November 2015

Indonesia and Mother Nature's whims

In a tropical region near to the equator, between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Indonesia is subject to Mother Nature's whims. It is attacked through both climate and ge...
Schéhérazade Deedarun17 November 2015

Travel to Indonesia in spite of your disability

If you prepare well, your trip to Indonesia won't be hampered by your disability. Here are some suggestions for tours which take into consideration your reduced mobility ...
Emilie Couillard16 November 2015

Bali is the place for a successful honeymoon in Indonesia.

If you want a sensational honeymoon then choose Bali, the little Hindu island in the Indonesian archipelago.
Emilie Couillard14 November 2015

Indonesia and its multitude of religious practices

Here is a brief overview of the main religions in Indonesia, a country where there is an impressive diversity of religious beliefs. However, between Islam, Hinduism, Budd...
Emilie Couillard11 November 2015

Travelling in Indonesia with a local, English speaking guide:

Why should I travel with a local English speaking guide in Indonesia? The answer is in the question: he knows the area like the back of his hand, and he speaks English!...
Emilie Couillard17 November 2015

A guide to the tastes in Balinese cuisine!

Balinese cuisine is like the island itself: captivating, tropical, fresh and delicious. It's true that you don't go to Bali specifically for its cuisine, but the local fo...
Audrey Meisser14 November 2015

Famous people and celebrities in Indonesia

By reading this article, you will able to familiarise yourself with some of Indonesia's celebrities and famous personalities before departing for the country.
David Debrincat17 November 2015
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