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An update from Evaneos

Jewellery or batik clothing: so many souvenirs in Indonesia

From batik clothes to its culinary specialties, there are lots of treasures in Indonesia... 

A must: handmade fabric

It would be strange to visit Indonesia without bringing back some hand made fabric, clothes or table cloths. The country is famous for batik, a method of printing fabrict, as well as other crafts. During your trip to Indonesia you will notice that each ethnic group has its own artistic traditions, which are encouraged by the government.

Other souvenirs from Indonesia

The Indonesians are very gifted sculptors of stone and metal. Especially statues of people. The mountain tribes are also famous for their wood carvings. The wooden figures and totems represent the complex relationships between the spirits and nature. Trees, clouds and other natural elements, and their many gods, are all represented in Indonesian art. You can also buy magnificent gold and silver jewellery; Jogjakarta's is particularly well known for being very elaborate. And , of course, you can buy plant based beauty products which will remind you of Balinese beauty rituals...

Indonesian market

Some advice between ourselves

Try going to the shops in Ubud which often have sustainably made products, and avoid the tourist souvenir stalls. Make sure you go round the markets because they are where you are most likely to find real crafts objects, like wicker rice baskets, terracotta bowls or rice spoons. Simple everyday objects, or little sculptures that aren't too heavy, are the type of souvenirs that will make great presents and remind you of Indonesia on a daily basis.

Music, songs, dances, and food

In Indonesia every event is celebrated with music, song and dance. The musical instruments they use are bronze gongs, bamboo flutes, and basic stringed instruments: you could bring some back from your trip and once back get your friends together to form a gamelan, a sort of Javanese or Balinese orchestra! When it comes to food you could bring back some of the different type of rice, palm sugar, coffee, or raw chocolate...and some of those vanilla pods which will add a wonderful flavour to lots of your dishes. What about organising an authentic Indonesian dinner when you get back?

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Updated 17 November 2015
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