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Culture and Discovery

Holi, the Indian festival of colours

A crowd of Indians caked in colourful powders - does that ring a bell? Welcome to Holi, the spring festival of colours. Time to enjoy the trance!
Camille Veillard20 April 2016

Travelling by train in India: a practical guide

India's train network is simply immense. With so many options to choose from, how should you go about organising your train trip through India? Here's what an experienced...
Camille Veillard6 April 2016

India from North to South, from East to West

India and its weather, both capricious and particularly pleasing, its variable climate from region to region... The geography, climate, fauna and flora in India must be d...
Schéhérazade Deedarun24 November 2015

Mission possible: travelling in India with a handicap

There's no need to bury your head in the sand, although its certainly more difficult to discover India than France with a handicap, the mission is not impossible....
Emilie Couillard24 November 2015

Grasp India and its facets with a French-speaking guide

India is a complex country, and is good to be discovered with a French-speaking guide. Indeed, your trip will only be more satisfying if a guide enlightens you on the num...
Emilie Couillard21 November 2015

A royal honeymoon in India

Chosen India for your honeymoon? You will feel like royalty. Here are some examples of places we recommend that you go to.
Marie Foucaut20 November 2015

Public transport in India

Public transport in India is varied, eclectic and will assure you some unforgettable moments!
Marie Foucaut19 November 2015

Cashmere or Darjeeling tea: souvenirs from Gandhi's country

When it comes to souvenirs to bring back from India, you will be spoiled for choice. Tea and saffron obviously spring to mind first, but India also offers high quality b...
Tiphaine Leblanc28 May 2015

Find out more about India, Gandhi's country

India, the home of Hinduism, non-violence, and the caste system, is a very complex country. Annexed by the English in the 17th century, it obtained independence in 1947, ...
Tiphaine Leblanc28 May 2015

The treasures of Indian cuisine

When you travel in India, discovering the country is accompanied by a culinary adventure. Strongly influenced by region, climate and the transition of colonialism, here a...
Elodie Arnouk24 November 2015
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