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5 reasons to travel to Iceland

Want to go all the way north and experience something different? Here are 5 good reasons to take a trip to Iceland.

Discover amazing geothermal sites

Craters, volcanic smoke, bubbling pools, volcanoes, lava fields, hot water springs: there are so many natural phenomena due to the volcanic activity which exists in Iceland. If you've never had the chance to see a geyser explode or see the sun emerge from the smoke, don't wait any longer!

Make the most of the hot water springs

Iceland is a volcanic country with a lot of geothermal activity. Some springs are naturally hot and there's nothing nicer than taking a dip. Though the Blue Lagoon is the most well known site, there are several other places which have these famous hot springs, sometimes lost in the midst of a wild natural environment away from any human activity. A must for relaxation!

See the northern lights

Located at a latitude of 65°, Iceland is one of the countries where you can admire the aurora borealis. This phenomenon is only visible between September and March and essentially depends on the weather conditions, particularly having a clear sky. But when you have the chance to see it, it's incredible!

Admire amazing landscapes

Iceland is 100% a nature destination. As soon as you leave the capital Reykjavik, you're transported to a mineral universe where volcanoes and glaciers reign. The country is largely covered in lava fields, deep craters, imposing cliffs and powerful waterfalls. The best way to discover the country is therefore to explore it by foot!

Feel isolated from the rest of the world

As a country which is scarcely populated, and with some completely untouched regions, Iceland is one of the rare places in Europe where you can walk for a full day without seeing anybody - a rare luxury which should be savoured by taking beautiful walks in the heart of the Icelandic natural environment.  
Emmanuelle Bluman
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Updated 26 October 2018
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