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Culture and Discovery

Courtesy and Custom in Iceland

What should you do or not do while visiting Iceland? What are the rules of courtesy and the customs of this country? Here is a little advice to avoid making a blunder and...
Cedric Tinteroff22 March 2016

Discovering Iceland

With its volcanoes, geysers and deserted stretches, Iceland is a country of grandiose natural spectacles. Whilst walking along the coast, you will also discover specimen...
Rodolphe Ragu22 March 2018

Public transport in Iceland

In this article you'll find the different forms of transport which are possible in Iceland. 
Emmanuelle Bluman22 March 2016

Iceland, land of snow

First inhabited by monks then by Vikings, Iceland or land of ice, is known for its literature in ancient Nordic and its many volcanoes. First controlled by Norway and the...
Tiphaine Leblanc21 March 2016

Going to Iceland on honeymoon

Iceland may not be the paradisiacal tropical island often associated with a honeymoon, but it does have many attractions.
Emmanuelle Bluman22 March 2018

(Ice)land of Music: discovering Icelandic music

Iceland, although it has a small population, has a large number of extremely talented music groups. Here are some groups to discover before, during, or after your trip to...
Marielle Awad24 March 2016

Religion in Iceland

Iceland is a former pagan country converted little by little to Christianity, and whose inhabitants are for the most part Lutheran.
Emmanuelle Bluman24 March 2016

Accessibility for disabled people in Iceland.

Due to very little human infrastructure being built, Iceland is the ultimate wild and natural destination, accessibility for disabled people is difficult. ...
Emmanuelle Bluman24 March 2016

Classic souvenirs from Iceland or more original ones

Though everyone knows Bjork and Iceland's Viking origins, the country also offers several other special products. High quality beauty products, delicious potato liquor, i...
Tiphaine Leblanc22 March 2016

Icelandic celebrities and personalities

Iceland is a small country but has no less well-known celebrities for it. A little tour of some famous names.
Emmanuelle Bluman24 March 2016
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