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The most important information when travelling in Iceland

Iceland is known for its tough winters and its snowy landscapes, but it's a country which is full of surprises in all seasons. Here are some practical ideas to help you prepare for your trip to this country.

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Culture and Discovery


Iceland is not part of the European Union but has, nevertheless, ratified the Schengen agreements and has been a member since 25 March 2001.
Emmanuelle Bluman24 March 2016

Safety and security in Iceland

Iceland is one of the least dangerous countries in the world. Here is a brief overview of what does and does not pose a danger in Iceland.
Emmanuelle Bluman23 March 2016

Iceland today

Every year, Iceland is back in the top 3 countries where one lives best and where people are happiest, both in Europe and the world at large. This placing is explained by...
Marielle Awad21 March 2016

The cost of living in Iceland

Find all the practical information you need to help you work out your budget for Iceland.
Emmanuelle Bluman24 March 2016

Travel with an English-speaking guide

What is the best way to hire an English-speaking guide?
Emmanuelle Bluman23 March 2016
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