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loved their trip to Iceland

Iceland is still my dream destination. I feel such an affinity for the culture, people, and the land. i did a lot of the tourist destinations. Our adventure tour group was a great compnay. If you can Olafur (Ollie he looks like Santa Claus) you will be guaranteed a great trip. The South coast is breathtaking. I could have stood on the Black beach for hours feeling the strangth of the North Atlantic. Ice cave was unreal, our guide sang in the new chapel a lullaby about never leaving your children behind. It was so beautifu;, real, and emotional. I will never forget it. Eating out was bliss I particularly loved the Reykjavik Kitchen. The chef is so talented, presentation, and service were top notch. The Golden Circle was a really enjoyable tour, I enjoyed Strokkur. My head is filled with so many memories and images, that this vacation iwill keep me going for a long time. Thank You Iceland Patrizia at evaneos and all the kind people I met.
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December 27, 2018
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January 5, 2019
Best parts:
It was wonderful start to finish. Blue Lagoon was amazing, I truly did not know what to expect. My hotel was clean, and perfectly located. Everyone was friendly and helpful. I never got jetlag, I come from Vancouver BC, CANADA. So many memorable moments. Riding the horses, going into the ice cave, attending Elf school....
Worst parts:
I need to come back in the summer. and do everything agaiin and maybe drive around in my own car. The landscape was so stark, beautiful, haunting I need to come back. (that is the worst part)
Agency's response
Ciao Adele, I'm really flattered to hear that you loved everything I organized for you, and I cannot wait to help you planning a summer trip. Your agent, Patrizia
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