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6 reasons to travel to Greenland

People rarely find themselves in Greenland by accident. As you're reading this article, you probably have some images in your imagination of this incredible country. Here are 6 reasons to throw a fleece jacket into your rucksack and head off to discover Greenland.

Discover its icebergs and glaciers

In Greenland, there are new things to discover, completely different to our culture, at every step. Grandiose scenery, towering, turning blocks of ice, ice expanses, deep colours – this is what Greenland has to offer. And that list is far from exhaustive.

Because it's a unique destination

If you're put off by the idea of crowded beaches, full of parasols and noisy kids – the kind of holiday your work colleagues always go on about – a trip to Greenland guarantees an astonishingly different experience. This island reserves its stock of marvels for people who are interested in searching them out.

Because the Inuit are a friendly people

The inhabitants of Greenland are welcoming. There'll always be someone around to help you in a village, to chat with you on a hike or to teach you something new. The Inuit enjoy gathering together for the kaffemik and are sure to invite you to join them if you seem interested and friendly.

Because you're rarely on your own

Head off on a hike for an hour, a day or a week. Because escaping the tiring daily grind, the crowds in the city, lame stories, and more from time to time does you good, and spending time by yourself in the wilds of nature makes for self improvement.

Live in the polar day or night

You need to experience the polar day or night at least once in your life. Eternal night in winter, never-ending day in summer, means you'll be able to enjoy the aurora borealis for one half of the year and the never-setting sun for the other. Make the most of winter in Greenland by taking a sleigh ride, drawn by husky dogs or snowmobile.

Try some mattaq

Mattaq is a delicacy in Greenlandic cuisine. It consists of the raw blubber and skin of a whale. Aside from mattaq, the cuisine includes meats we're not used to eating in Europe: musk ox, seal, whale, etc. After all, we travel in order to gain new experiences, right?
Laurence Fischer
5 contributions
Updated 26 October 2018
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