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GhanaBirdwatching and nature exploration

  • Off the beaten track
With 12 of the 15 West African Upper Guinea endemic species occurring in Ghana, its safe, friendly and hassle-free environment and the most developed infrastructure of any West African country, Ghana is a must-visit for any birding and nature enthusiast. Our 100% record of seeing the White-necked Rockfowl (Yellow-headed Picathartes) and Egyptian Plover (recently made a family of its own) ensures a...

With 12 of the 15 West African Upper Guinea endemic species occurring in Ghana, its safe, friendly and hassle-free environment and the most developed infrastructure of any West African country, Ghana is a must-visit for any birding and nature enthusiast. Our 100% record of seeing the White-necked Rockfowl (Yellow-headed Picathartes) and Egyptian Plover (recently made a family of its own) ensures a spectacular trip awaits our potential tour participants.  From the coastal lagoons, grassland savannah, upper guinea rainforest moving northwards through the broad-leaved guinea woodland finally touching the Sahel savannah plains in the far north, Ghana offers thorough coverage of all the core west African habitats.

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Day 1: Welcome to Ghana!

• Transfer from the airport to your hotel!

• Enjoy your first day exploring at your own pace.


Day 2: National Park and canopy walk

• An early breakfast as we head for the world-famous canopy walkway at Kakum National Park which is approximately 15 minutes’ drive from our lodge. 

• We aim to get to Kakum for first light enabling us to spend the most critical bird viewing hours 40 meters above the forest floor on the canopy walkway, which 7 platforms are large enough to support Telescopes.  

• Our main target species during our time on the canopy walkway are Violet-backed Hyliota, Chestnut-capped Flycatcher, the upper guinea endemics Sharpes Apalis, Brown-cheeked Hornbill and copper-tailed Glossy Starling, Bioko Batis, Blue Cuckooshrike, Little Green Woodpecker and the White-crested Hornbill.

• During the heat of mid-afternoon, you will have the option of birding around the grounds of our lodge, resting in your air-conditioned rooms, around the pool and bar or you could choose to go on a cultural excursion to Cape Coast castle.


Day 3: Birding Antwikwaa and Kakum National Park

• Another early start as we visit the Antwikwaa section of Kakum National Park, hoping to add some amazing birds to our growing list – Little, White-throated,  Rosy and Black Bee-eaters, Blue-throated Roller, Piping Hornbill,  Didric Cuckoo, Melancholy and Buff-spotted Woodpeckers, Vieillot’s Black and Black-necked Weavers, to mention a few.


Day 4: Birding Kakum Forest and Nsuta Forest

• This morning we will be concentrating our time on the farmland scrub, forest edge and forest trails at Abrafo a section of forest habitat near to Kakum National Park. 

• Our guides are always focused on getting our clients good views of all species and this morning is no different as we search for Pale Flycatcher, Black and White Mannikin, Brown-crowned Tchagra, Sooty Boubou, Puvel’s Illadopsis, Olive-green Camaroptera, Red-faced, and Whistling Cisticolas, Lesser Striped Swallow, Fanti Saw-wing, Chestnut Wattle-eye, Naked-faced, and Hairy-breasted Barbets, Frasers and Little-green Sunbirds, etc. 


Day 5: Birding Nsuta Forest and Ankasa Reserve

• An excellent forest about an hour’s drive from our guesthouse, this secondary semi-deciduous forest protects a plethora of quality species that will enhance our list and overall experience. Species we hope to see today include Olive, Blue-throated Brown and Little Green Sunbirds, Yellow-spotted, Bristle-nosed, Hairy-breasted, and Naked-faced Barbets, Blue-throated Roller, Western Black-headed and Black-winged Orioles, Buff-spotted and Little Green Woodpeckers, etc.

• We check out of our guesthouse after enjoying our lunch and set off westwards for what should prove to be a major highlight of your time with us here in Ghana.  

• As we arrive in the late afternoon we settle into our camp before heading out for early evening birding where we hope to see Frasers and Akun Eagle Owls.  Your guide will also be looking for the legendary Nkulengu Rail, one of our previous tour participants was the first person ever to get a picture of this species during one of our tours in 2011.  Our evening will be spent at our camp enjoying the atmosphere of being at one with nature.


Day 6: Birding Ankasa Reserve

• Your guide will be up before first light listening for the unmistakable call of the Nkulengu Rail if he locates this species he will alert the group before breakfast. It’s wonderful actually staying at a birding location and not having to waste time traveling.

• We set off venturing deeper into this lush forest with our main targets being the upper guinea endemics Yellow-bearded Greenbul, Rufous-winged Illadopsis, and Green-tailed Bristlebill in addition to Ansorge’s, Icterine, Red-tailed and Western-bearded Greenbul’s, Pale-breasted and Blackcap Illadopsis, Forest Robin and much more!

• There are some very rare species here and if we are very lucky which we sometimes are we may see White-breasted Guineafowl, White-crested Tiger Heron, Grey-throated Rail, Dusky Long-tailed Cuckoo, Forest Scrub Robin, Red-chested Owlet and Akun Eagle Owl.


Day 7: Birding Ankasa Reserve and Brenu Akyinim

• A final morning birding at this wonderful location, we will be targeting species we may have missed or would like to get better views of.

• After a full morning birding, we return to our camp to arrange our bags and enjoy our lunch before we head back towards Kakum National Park. 

• During our journey we will be targeting several species not seen in other parts of Ghana, these include Reichenbach’s and Brown Sunbird, Orange Weaver, African Pygmy Goose and Little Grebe to mention a few. A visit to Brenu Akyinim and the coastal savannah plains should give us some different species.

• We continue back towards Jukwa and return to our hotel of a few nights earlier to relax and reflect on another great day's birding.


Day 8: Birding Abrafo Forest and Picathartes Nesting Site

• Today is special and it is difficult to focus our minds on anything other than the afternoon visit to the Yellow-headed Picathartes nesting site, however, we will have to as we have a full mornings birding to enjoy. 

• We check out of our hotel after an early breakfast and set off for the Abrafo forest where we will be targeting species we may still require from this habitat. After an excellent morning, we set off northwards stopping for lunch en-route before arriving at a remote village close to a small upper guinea rainforest in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

, Kumasi
Royal Basin Hotel (Kumasi)

Day 9: Egyptian Plover site and Mole National Park

• After an early breakfast, we set off towards Mole National Park.  We can expect to see different species of birds as we head northwards as the habitat changes to the drier broad-leaved guinea woodland and savannah. 

• Your guides will be keeping an eye open for the many raptors we hope to see during our journey which include Baudouin's Snake and Long-crested Eagles, Grasshopper Buzzard, Yellow-billed Kite and Shikra amongst others. After a lunch stop, we continue our journey and make a detour to see the beautiful Egyptian Plover found along the White Volta River. 

• After our evening meal, we shall set off for an evening of birding around the Mole Airstrip where we hope to see displaying Standard-winged Nightjars. The airstrip is also productive for owls and we will be looking for Grayish Eagle and northern White-faced Scops owls before we retire for the evening.

Mole National Park
Mole Motel (Mole National Park)

Days 10 to 11: Birding Mole National Park

• Mole is a real nature lover’s paradise and we are in for a real treat over the next 2 full days as we immerse ourselves into the exceptional West African birds and mammals found here at Mole National Park. 

• During our time here we obviously have our main target species of difficult birds not easily seen in other parts of the world and these include Forbes Plover, Pel’s Fishing Owl, Spotted Creeper and Rufous-rumped Lark. The species above are only some that can be seen during our time here. Our evenings will be spent at our hotel enjoying the atmosphere of being so close to nature.

Mole National Park
Mole Motel (Mole National Park)

Day 12: Birding Mole National Park and Offinso or Bobiri

• A final mornings birding at Mole where we aim to pick up species still needed and to also get better views of birds we only had glimpses of previously. 

• Birds we could add before leaving Mole include Woodchat Shrike, Northern Red Bishop, Pearl-spotted Owlet, Yellow-crowned Gonolek, Rose-ringed Parakeet, Senegal Parrot, Black-billed Wood and Vinaceous Doves,  Woolly-necked, Saddle-billed and Black Storks, Yellow-throated Leaflove and Red-headed Lovebird to mention a few before we set off retracing our journey back southwards towards Kumasi. 

Mole National Park
Mole Motel (Mole National Park)

Day 13: Birding Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary and Atewa Range

• An early start as we head back into the Upper Guinea Rainforest habitat where so many of Ghana’s sought-after special species are found. 

• This morning we hope to see Tit and Green Hylias, Magpie Mannakin, Narina’s Trogon, Red-billed Dwarf and Black Dwarf Hornbills, African Grey and Brown-necked Parrots, Purple-throated Cuckoo-shrike, Black-throated Coucal, Golden-backed Weaver, African Piculet, Red-chested Owlet, Dusky Tit, Blue-headed Crested Flycatcher, Yellow-billed Barbet, Grey-headed and Red-tailed Bristlebills and the much sought after Yellow-footed Honeyguide amongst other species.

Mole National Park

Day 14: Birding Atewa Range

• Atewa is critically endangered highland upper guinea rainforest and as it protects so many quality and rare species we will dedicate a full day birding here.  It is quite a consistent hill walk to get to the top of the range and we will take a packed lunch with us to minimize the walking and maximize our time here. 

• There are some really special rare species here that are very difficult to see and if we are lucky as we sometimes are we may get a glimpse of Red-fronted Antpecker, Nimba Flycatcher, Crowned Eagle, Brown-chested Alethe, Forest Scrub Robin and Lowland Akalat amongst others.

Mole National Park

Day 15: Time to say goodbye!

• Another early start as we set off back to the Atewa Range aiming to find species we still need or would like better views of. 

• A full morning will be dedicated to enjoying this forest habitat that protects so many rare and sought-after species. We return to our hotel for lunch and to shower, freshen up and pack our bags before setting off for Accra. 

• An amazing end to a wonderful tour as we enjoy an early evening meal and final checklist on our arrival in Accra. After our meal and final checklist, we transfer you to the airport for your departure after a wonderful Ghana birding and wildlife tour.

Mole National Park, Accra

AccraKumasiMole National Park

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