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4 reasons to travel to Georgia

Forget the ideas you may have about an old Soviet nation, made up of big, empty streets and sad rows of flats. Georgia's beautiful scenery and historical monuments, as well as the Georgians' warm welcome will surprise you.

Rich Cultural Heritage

Considered to be one of the first Christian countries in the world, Georgia is brimming with an absolutely breathtaking religious heritage. It's not uncommon for churches to date back to the 4th or 5th century- churches which, incidentally, gave rise to a very specific architectural style. Like their Armenian neighbours, Georgian churches have a style all their own. Georgia is also an architectural goldmine that rests midway between Eastern and Western aesthetics. The delicately carved wooden walkways run along the length of houses and overlook little gardens or courtyards.

Diverse Landscapes

It's hard to imagine that such a small country would have such diverse landscapes. Even though the surrounding area around of Tbilissi doesn't seem too extraordinary, it's a great place to get away from the city and step into another world. To the east are hills and forests. Between the trees, Georgians plant vines, which makes it all feel a bit like Italy. Even further east, the area becomes drier, signifying the beginning of the steppe. On the other hand, in the north, the Caucasus mountain range and its peaks (some of which stand at more than 5000 metres) offer breathtaking views. To the west, the Black Sea is close by, generating a sub-tropical climate which one would hardly expect in this part of the world. Finally, in the south, the landscape is once again dominated by forests with a few spa resorts here and there, among which is the famous Borjomi.

Georgian Cuisine

You might not see it coming but the discovery will certainly be a pleasant one. Georgia is a foodie's delight! It's a tall order to list the various dishes, which often have unpronounceable names. However, what we can do is say that Georgian cuisine is extremely diverse. With a variety ranging from cheese bread (khatchapuri), spicy beef stew with coriander (odjakuri) and the local ravioli (khinkali), you're sure to find a favourite. And the vegetarians need not worry as there are many entrees that are made up entirely of vegetables. In Georgia, you can also find traditionally produced wines (in clay pots) and the some 500 original varieties of wine are sure to pique your interest.

Georgian Hospitality

During your trip to Georgia, don't be surprised if your fellow patrons at a restaurant propose a toast to you or if strangers you've been chatting with invite you out for a meal.Hospitality is of primary importance in Georgian culture and Georgians seem to hold this value close to heart. That only serves to make the trip even more pleasant. Behind all their rich cultural heritage lies a kind people.
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Updated 26 October 2018
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