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Summer in the Galapagos

Summer in the Galapagos

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Summer trip ideas in the Galapagos

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Reviews from our travelers about their trip to The Galapagos Islands

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Start planning your summer trip to the Galapagos Islands

Sitting in the Pacific Ocean and officially part of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are a dream destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Summer in Galapagos is ideal for enjoying the amazing sightseeing, wildlife viewing, and beach activities that this unique destination has to offer.

Why should I visit Galapagos in the summer?

The Galapagos are among the world's most cherished natural wildlife habitats, featuring some of the most fascinating species and pristine environments on the planet. Come here in summer, which is generally peak season, and you’ll enjoy all manner of activities, from island hopping cruises to snorkeling with sea lions. It will be busy, but that means it’s a great time for a family adventure or for making new friends on vacation. 

Best things to do in Galapagos in summer

You’re spoilt for choice for exciting activities on the Galapagos, so here are five of the best summer activities to book.

Wonderful wildlife viewing across the islands 

Most people come to the Galapagos for its wildlife, as there are hundreds of unique species here, from booby birds to green sea turtles. Learning about their origins and how they arrived on the islands is a fun and engaging activity for anyone seeking to connect with nature while on vacation. Just walking around the islands will offer a chance to see iguanas, blue footed boobies and seals. 

Take a cruise in comfort

Cruises around the Galapagos are a brilliant way to see it all. Take a week-long ocean cruise starting from Quito and enjoy gourmet meals on board, luxury service and mesmerizing views of the endless ocean that surrounds this archipelago.

Kayak around the islands 

Take a thrilling kayak tour to get up close and personal with the wildlife on and around the islands. Another fabulous way to experience the islands is to go snorkeling or diving. The spectacular, colorful underwater scenes are bound to leave a lasting impression on you, and you might even meet a curious seal face to face. 

Hike across verdant landscapes

The secluded Tortuga Bay is an exciting spot not just for its pristine sand: it’s also a turtle nesting site. Hike here to discover dramatic views of the Santa Cruz island coastline and surrounding ocean, and see these prehistoric creatures on the sand. 

Camp inside a volcano

If you're an avid adventurer, camping on a volcanic island may be just the thrill you're seeking. Among the few places where camping is permitted, the Sierra Negra volcano is a spectacular place to lay your canvas. The unforgettable experience is totally safe and can be arranged by an expert local guide. The otherworldly volcanic landscapes make for a thrilling experience.

What’s the weather like in Galapagos in summer?

Sitting just south of the equator, the Galapagos doesn’t have a distinct summer season, but the busiest months of July and August tend to be considered summer here, as this is when most visitors from the Northern Hemisphere come. At this time, expect hot days and generally dry weather. It's worth bringing a wide hat to shade your face from the sun, and waterproof gear in case of light showers.

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