Special tub-boats sailing in a bay at Sado, Japan
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Toki japonais ou Ibis japonais de L’île de Sado, Japon
Wooden seasonal hauses of fishermens that cultivating shellfishes on Lake Kamo on Sado Island in Sea of Japan. It is summer day. In front view green rice field, in background blue sky.

Search for gold on Japan's Sado Island


Located on the Sea of Japan off the coast of Niigata, Sado Island was transformed by the discovery of a gold vein in 1601. Today, you can travel back to this moment in history during a visit to the Sado gold mine. But gold is not the only treasure here on the archipelago's sixth island. Sado is also a paradise for nature lovers and is the perfect spot to spend a few days relaxing in the untamed wilderness.

From the Maeto Sado hotel, you can hop on your bike and set off to discover the island's magnificent views, including the Nanaura coast, where you can admire the "married couple rocks" of Meoto Iwa. Continue from there with a boat ride through Senkaku Bay to explore more of the sea.

For a unique seafaring adventure, ask your local Evaneos agency to organize an excursion aboard a tarai bune, which are small, traditional Japanese fishing boats. Sado Island is also a treat for history and culture buffs who can opt to visit the Buddhist temples of Myosenji or Rengebuji or see exhibitions at the Sado Museum, which blend the island's history with art.

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