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Sorry no photos
Sorry no photos
loved their trip to Ecuador

Ecuador is a lovely country very diverse with so much to see we plan another visit . The highlights were the trips were the birds in the Cloud Forests and our time spent in the Amazon. We also enjoyed lots of local food. The Albemarle was the best hotel we stayed and as I have stated above our guides Fausto Gomez and Katherine Celleri were excellent.
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As a couple
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February 5, 2018
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Trip customized with a local travel agent in the destination

Sorry no photos
Sorry no photos
February 23, 2018
Best parts:
We had a wonderful trip to Ecuador. We had an excellent guide / driver Fausto Gomez who understood our interests and ensured that we maximised our time in Ecuador . We also found the naturalist guides who joined us very knowledgeable . With the exception of the La Fontana all the hotels were comfortable and the staff were very helpful. The two hotels we stayed in on in the Galapagos were very good and the Albemarle was particularly good and well run. Our guide Katherine Celleri on the 1st day on Galapagos was very helpful and knowledgeable it was a pleasure being with her.
Worst parts:
We were a little disappointed with our trip to the Galapagos as we felt we did not see as much of the unique flora and forna as we had hoped for example the trip on our second day on Santa Cruz we felt was a waste of time we spend 5 hours going to and from Bartolome and saw very little . Also some of the discussion we had in the planning of our trip was not reflected in the programme. Perhaps having a check list as well as the outline of the programme might have been helpful.