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Dominica vacations

Dominica vacations

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Dominica is a hidden gem nestled between Martinique and Guadeloupe. The lesser-known of the Caribbean Islands, it has remained an unspoilt natural beauty. The island celebrates sustainable development with two UNESCO parks, and offers an enriching eco-tourism experience. While trekking through the luscious rainforest and mountainous terrain, you will spot rare plants, animals and birds in their natural habitat. After a day of exploring, cool off in the cascading waterfalls or one of the 365 crystal-clear rivers.

There is plenty to do on this beautiful island. Want to find out more? Here are our top tips:

When to go?
Temperatures average between 24°C-30°C year-round, with cooler temperatures in the mountains. The best time to visit is off-peak season from February to June. The weather is slightly cooler in the low 20s with a breeze in the air - perfect for hiking. If you prefer the summer heat, the temperature reaches mid 30°C from July to August. Bare in mind that Dominica has a humid and tropical climate, meaning showers are frequent, but disappear within minutes, so don't forget a good raincoat! Just make sure to avoid September- november as it is hurricane season on the island.

What to do?
Hiking. The infamous Waitukubuli National Trail is one of the most beautiful paths in the world. Reaching from South to North the path snakes through lush rainforests and mountains, giving close-up views of egrets, crabs, iguanas, hummingbirds and other creatures.  The path is 185 km in total, andconnects small villages allowing trekkers to meet local communities on the way. If you are not planning to do the full route, the path is divided up into 14 segments adapted to every type of hiker.

Hot Springs: After a long day of hiking, sooth your muscles in the hot sulphur springs of the ‘Boiling Lake,’ the 2nd biggest hot spring in the world!

Diving: Scuba diving or snorkelling, divers will discover seas filled with tropical fish and plants and even a submerged volcanic crater! There are diving schools dotted around the West of the island which cater to all ages and levels.

Boat trip: Known as the ‘Island of a Thousand Waters’,there are 365 crystal clear rivers in Dominica. The slow and meandering boat trip through the tropical rainforest allow for a relaxing afternoon and an alternative view of this nature island. Make sure to look out for the Sisserou parrot, the island's national bird featured on the flag.

Carnival: Dominica’s carnival season runs for 2 weeks in February, leading up to Ash Wednesday. Enjoy a celebration of Calypso music, parades in traditional dress and village feasts. Here you can try authentic Caribbean cuisine with spices found on the island. Dishes include salted codfish, fried chicken and stews.

How to get there?
There are no direct flights to Dominica, but you go from London to the neighbouring island Antigua. From there, our local agent can organise a short domestic flight for the final part of the trip. A cheaper alternative is to take a flight from Paris to the other neighbouring islands, Martinique and Guadeloupe, followed by a short boat trip to this hidden gem. The lack of flights directly into Dominica is the reason this eco-friendly island has remained unspoilt by mass tourism.

A visa is not required for citizens of the US, EU and commonwealth for stays under 21 days. Just a valid passport and you are ready to go!

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