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was disappointed by their trip to Cuba

Cuba is an amazing country with some amazing architecture. Riding around in a vintage car was a great experience. We managed to see a wide range of the country and all its landscapes.
Trip Details
In family
Travel dates
April 19, 2019
Trip type

Trip customized with a local travel agent in the destination

April 27, 2019
Best parts:
* The wide range of places that we could visit in our timeframe. It gave us a small glimpse about this amazing country. * The all inclusive night at the Hotel was a nice touch at the end - best to end on 5* luxury.
Worst parts:
* One miscommunication when the taxi driver did not show up for 30 minutes - and we were worried we would miss our collective excursion on that day. * Collective trip to Vinales size was too big - felt like we were being herded around the whole day and no personal experience of being there. * Some communication should happen on how to get to our Trinidad accomodation - the bus dropped us off somewhere and we had to figure out by ourselves how to walk there. * Tour guide in Havana for the day did not feel like she wanted to be there (she told us she was sick) and therefore the tour felt very rushed. The food that she recommended for us to go (which she joined) was not the best that we had in our trip in Cuba by any means - and we were shocked by the price of it when compared to other meals we had in the country. * The long journeys between the places should have been told in the beginning of the trip.