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Culture and Discovery

Gay-friendly travel to Croatia

You're gay and you want to travel to Croatia? Here's some information which will enable you to better prepare for your trip to this country, which doesn't have such a mod...
Emmanuelle Bluman18 April 2016

Croatian gastronomy

Croatia is at the heart of a true gourmet stew. Come and discover regional and local specialities. It's an ideal destination for those in search of gourmet food. ...
Emmanuelle Bluman8 April 2016

A few words about Croatia today

Here are a few things you should know about Croatia before going there!
David Debrincat8 April 2016

Culinary delights and Croatian souvenirs

Things to bring back from your trip to Croatia include Maraschino liqueur and rakija schnapps, Rab cake and their famous, small gingerbread hearts. Hang up a Lika headd...
Tiphaine Leblanc20 April 2016

Safety in Croatia

Travel safely in Croatia with this advice
Emmanuelle Bluman8 April 2016

Courtesy and good manners in Croatia

What shouldn't you say or do when visiting Croatia ? Here is some advice on traditions and customs and Croatian manners....
Emmanuelle Bluman8 April 2016

Public transport to get around Croatia

Using public transport is unavoidable in Croatia, even if you decide to come by car or hire a car upon arrival. Explore the different means of transport to visit the coun...
Schéhérazade Deedarun8 April 2016

Croatia's geography and climate

Come and discover the different regions and landscapes of Croatia. When to visit With its Mediterranean climate, you can visit Croatia all year round.
Emmanuelle Bluman8 April 2016

Croatia: a history of Hungarian occupancy and communism

Croatia was swiftly invaded by Hungary, and constituted part of the Austro-Hungarian empire until it became part of Yugoslavia. The country only achieved independence in ...
Tiphaine Leblanc1 April 2016

Religious fervour and traditions in Croatia.

In this mostly Catholic country where religion was banned or practised in secret, notably during the Soviet era, traditions and religious fervour have gained a new impetu...
Paul Engel20 April 2016
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