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The most important information when travelling in Colombia

Essential information to help you properly plan your trip to Colombia.

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Culture and Discovery

Courtesy, customs and attitudes in Colombia

Colombians are very welcoming and highly respectful towards others. Here's some advice on how to avoid misunderstandings and make your holiday go as smoothly as possible....
Laure Alvarez6 March 2018

Accessibility for disabled people in Colombia

Disability is an issue the Colombian authorities will one day have to tackle head on as it is directly linked to the armed conflicts that are inherent to the country. Tho...
Ségolène Renoud-Lyat10 November 2015

Festivals and carnivals in Colombia, a blend of colour and fun

Colombia often evokes images of festivals and it has to be said that several musical styles originated in the country. Be swept away by the fun-loving Colombian people...
Laure Alvarez10 November 2015
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