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An update from Evaneos

6 reasons to travel to China

The reasons for a trip to China are many - a fan would list dozens of them. But if a traveler only needed a few of them in order to decide to go to this strange place, these would be the first five I would tell him:

Treat your taste buds

Forget about the poor copies of Chinese restaurants in Europe: from north to south, and from east to west, there are many kinds of Chinese cuisine and the flavors are varied. Your palate will be honored, because the cuisine will be a high point of your trip. Peking duck, Chinese fondue, grilled ravioli, a pot of Szechuan spiced fish, or even Canton dim sum: and what if you let the cuisine guide your steps?

Be surprised...on every street corner.

Monotony on a trip? There's very little of that for you... Discovering China is the cure for boredom. In a country where contrast is king, the surprises just keep coming. There's a big gap between the cities and the countryside, an architectural juxtaposition with the old and the modern, the varied landscapes, the diversity of the population... There will be many surprises during your trip!

Charging your inner batteries

At a time of continuous economic gloom and crises that seem to drag on, take a rejuvenating bath and immerse yourself in the energy of the new heart of the global economy. In bustling Shanghai, Hong Kong, or Canton, like everywhere else in China, you won't be able to resist the liveliness of this new economy in a country full of contrasts and surprises… It's been tested and approved over and over: spending some time in China allows you to charge your batteries.

Beyond the clichés

China is in the media spotlight more than any other country, and often for the worse. "Yellow Peril," a concept forged in the 19th century, is still a reality. But perhaps that’s the best reason to go to China: to set prejudices aside and face the Chinese reality; confronting Western views and fantasies in real life in the Middle Kingdom. Form your own opinion about this extraordinary country and you won't be disappointed, because one thing is certain: China is much richer than it may seem in Western media and it won't fail to move you.

Admire the amazing landscapes

The beauty of nature is amplified in China. In a country the size of a continent, with China being 17 times the size of France, you'll have a wide selection of choices for getting close to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world! A bright green panorama of rice terraces at the Dragon's Backbone, the towering mountains of Shangri - La, the karst mountains bathed in mist from the Li River, or even the endless Taklamakan desert - here nature reveals her most beautiful spectacles...

Discover a new world

Even if the whole Earth has become a playground for travellers, many countries no longer allow for discovery or a change of scenery. In China, much more than anywhere else, you'll really sense the "otherness." Here, it's a landmark. Beginning with the language, quite simply. Even though signs in the big cities like Shanghai and Beijingare written using the Latin alphabet, it's far from being the norm in the rest of the country. Beyond the language, written or spoken, this is the way to think, to see the world that is different. Welcome to an entirely new world...
Aurélie Croiziers
21 contributions
Updated 26 October 2018
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