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An update from Evaneos

Discover Yunnan in pictures, off the beaten track.

I had the opportunity in Yunnan to leave the normal tourist trails behind and discover calmer, more authentic places. These places, like Yunnan itself, are very varied: from the Catholic church in the Tibetan part, to the red lands near Kunming. I invite you to join me in discovering these pictures.

The red lands, or Lexiaguo, are located a few hours from Kunming by car, and are incredible, colorful yet man-made landscapes that are at risk of disappearing due to the rural exodus.

Weibaoshan is a mountain that is sacred to Taoists, located not far from Dali, that you encounter while visiting the many temples, each of which is somehow more beautiful than the last.

The city of Weishan, near Weibaoshan, is a little Dali but without the tourists and the downsides they bring.

The Shibaoshan Caves were spared by the Cultural Revolution because of how remote they are. These sculptures are a true wonder and are not far from Shaxi.

Shaxi is a charming village, once a top on the caravan routes that traded in horses and silk between Dali and Lijiang.

The Tiger Leaping Gorge is a hiking trail that can be somewhat steep in places, and which takes you to the heart of the snowy mountain-tops.

The limestone terraces of Baishuitai, on the road between Tiger Leaping Gorge and Shangri La, are held sacred by the Naxi minority.

The Catholic Church in Cizhong and its vines, located on the Tibetan border, have survived despite the Swiss missionaries abandoning the place over seventy years ago.

The village of Yubeng is at the entry point to the sacred Melli Snow Mountains, which mark the Tibetan border.

Golden snub-nosed monkeys live at high altitudes and are an endangered species. They can be found near Tacheng.

Amelie Perrier
9 contributions
Updated 2 June 2015
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