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5 reasons to travel to Canada

Why go to Canada? What are the reasons that could encourage you to go to explore this "country continent" which is almost unique in the world? For a family holiday or for an adventure alone, here are 5 reasons that make Canada a dream destination!

Quebec, a small part of France

If you travel abroad and you happen to speak a little French, you may want to practise it and discuss with locals: if so, Quebec is perfect for you! This large Canadian region is a historical stronghold of French speakers which defends its heritage with heart and soul.

Meet Inuits

Nunavik, Nunavut, Yukon, North Western Territories: there are so many spaces, regions and territories where the historical people of the Arctic and the ice fields continue to live with their rituals and their thousand year old customs. Although threatened, they're fighting for their rights to be recognised and for their status to be protected.

Mythical national parks

Banff, Jasper, the Rocky Mountains: the mere mention of these parks seems to be a crazy invitation to explore and to walk in some of the most beautiful scenery that it is possible to find in Canada, all in an array of changing colours according to the season.

Discover history

Did you know that the Vikings were the first ones to embark on the shores of Canada in L'Anse-aux-Meadows in Newfoundland? Did you also know that the gold rush took place in the Yukon territory? Canada is a country loaded with history whose wealth you don't even suspect!

The country of extremes

Admiring the Northern Lights whilst submerged in a natural hot water spring. Getting lost in the tundra travelling in a dog sled. Experiencing days where the sun never sleeps. Coming across a bear, an elk or a wolf on the bend of a path. Doing canoeing in a nature reserve. Eating beaver in a bar in Montreal: Canada is the country of all extremes!
Cedric Tinteroff
44 contributions
Updated 26 October 2018
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