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An update from Evaneos

Canada - the current state of progress

Canada's economy is closely linked with that of the United States, especially because of their geographic closeness and their trade agreements. This will always have an important effect on the world's second largest country (by area) - which of course has many treasures of its own.

"This time next year..."

In 2014, the Canadian economy experienced growth categorised by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as "moderate," even though the economy remains weak as a result of the crisis in 2008-09. That's why analysts estimate that it will take another year for stronger growth to resume.

Despite these difficulties, Canada retains a good quality of life and some Canadian cities are at the top of lists of the best cities to live in. There's nothing to stop tourists visiting Canada.

Famous photo of a national park near Alberta

Shale gas: Canada as a world leader?

Western Canada is experiencing an economic boom, particularly as a result of its oil and gas industry. Canada is already the third largest natural gas producer in the world and expects to strengthen its position as a leading producer as a result of shale gas production.

While in Europe, many countries have decided not to implement this new technology for the moment,Canada aims to become the world's leading producer and to ensure energy self-sufficiency for North America.

This will help the economy to bounce back. In the west, the population is widely informed and does not appear worried, because the oil exploration companies have put biodiversity and the protection of logging at the heart of their operations.

On the other hand, in the east of the country (and especially in Quebec), opposition is more forceful and shale gas extraction has partially stopped. In fact, even today, we don't yet know the impact of shale gas extraction on the environment and public health.

The importance of tourism for the country

Even though Canada has other sources of income, tourism is vital to its economy. Canada attracts the fifth-largest number of visitors of any country in the world, and has considerable natural and cultural resources.

The main attraction for visitors to this immense country (including me) is of course the breathtaking landscape of wide open spaces. However, cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa also have their appeal. They are starting to make a name for themselves as cultural centres, attracting greater numbers of tourists. Canada offers a range of options for tourist: nature travel or luxury accommodation: everything is possible!

In conclusion, modern Canada is gradually recovering from the recession by making use of its natural resources, while remaining one of the most hospitable countries in the world.

Marie Foucaut
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Updated 20 July 2015
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