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An update from Evaneos

Trip review

Happy traveller
Happy traveller
loved their trip to Bhutan

We had a brilliant time travelling for 23 days in Nepal and Bhutan. Our time in Nepal included having a few days in Kathmandu and visiting the major sites there, walking in the hills around the Kathmandu valley, flying to Pokhara and walking in the Annapurna foothills, having a peaceful and rural few days next to Chitwan national park in the southern lowlands and finishing in Patan, a really interesting ancient place now pretty much joined up with Kathmandu city but with a very distinctive, upmarket atmosphere. The people and cultures, landscapes and habitats are so diverse in Nepal. It has so much of beauty and interest to see, more than we could ever have imagined, despite its obvious poverty and the devastating effect of the 2015 earthquakes. We had 9 days in Bhutan which is an intriguing place, that raised many contradictory feelings and a lot of thinking. The natural environment and landscapes of Bhutan are stunningly beautiful - still over 70% forested, its a carbon negative country and the still preserved traditional culture and ancient temples are truly amazing. Travellers should be aware that tourism is heavily controlled and monitored here. We spent our entire 9 days with our guide and driver and we could have felt pretty restricted but they were both so lovely and such great fun to be with, and all the people we met were so kind and welcoming that this more than compensated. The whole organisation of our trip was superb from the moment of being put in touch with Sudarshan in Kathmandu to returning home.
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As a couple
Travel dates
October 23, 2019
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Trip customized with a local travel agent in the destination

Happy traveller
Happy traveller
November 16, 2019
Best parts:
We have just returned from 23 days of really wonderful travelling in Nepal and Bhutan. The two countries are so different and both fascinating and stunningly beautiful. The ever present Himalayas were awe inspiring and the wildlife and bird life just amazing. The variety of experiences we had on our trip was incredible. Walking in the hills with the Himalayas as the backdrop, listening to monks carrying out ancient rituals in beautiful, vast monasteries in Bhutan, watching a mother and baby rhinoceros bathing and feeding in a pool in Chitwan, staying with wonderful people in their family homes in both countries and eating the healthiest, tastiest, freshly cooked meals with them are definitely some of the highlights for us. Sudarshan, the local agent in Kathmandu that Evaneos put us in contact with was absolutely brilliant throughout, from our first phone call to start planning our trip to him coming to say goodbye to us personally on the morning we left Nepal. We were able to communicate really easily with Sudarshan who responded so quickly during our whole time away. He made sure that all our arrangements ran smoothly in Bhutan and Nepal providing us with a really personalised service. The itinerary we’d worked out with Sudarshan really worked well and the day to day arrangements ran like clockwork. We’re both in our 60’s and travelling long distance now can be a bit more daunting than when we were younger. All through our time away, wherever we were, we felt so well looked after and were able to just relax and enjoy every moment of this holiday of a lifetime. We’d said we were keen to have a number of nights in homestays and this aspect of our trip really did make the holiday for us. Staying in peoples homes in countries like Nepal and Bhutan the accommodation was understandably fairly basic in certain respects (you need be prepared for a pretty firm bed and very basic washing & toilet facilities). But to be able to meet, talk, eat and share daily life with the families we stayed with gave such a richness to our experience and to our insight into the people, cultures and history of both countries. We’ll never forget the families we stayed with and the kindness and care shown to us. It’s the second time we have travelled with Evaneos and will definitely do so again and will definitely recommend others to do the same. We want to say a very big thank you again to Sudarshan in Nepal, and to our wonderful guide Somen and driver Namgay who looked after us for 9 days in Bhutan. Thank you to Evaneos for putting us in contact with these high quality, reliable agencies and taking the uncertainty and stress out of our trip.
Worst parts:
There was nothing we didn't like about our trip except realising how much more there was still to do and see, especially in Nepal - and having to come home! We did so much in the time we had and it was all worth doing. The place we liked the least was Pokhara because it is so touristy and sadly almost as polluted as Kathmandu. Even so we had a wonderful hike in the hills north of Pokhara flanked by the amazing Annapurna Himalayan range, rowing over the lake and walking up to the beautiful Peace Stupa and chilling in the lakeside cafes. You learn a lot being in a country and If we were planning the trip again there's a couple of things we'd add in. We'd build in more time for hiking. The emphasis often put on 'trekking' in Nepal can be off putting if you feel your fitness level may not be high enough. However we do a lot of walking at home and discovered that 'hiking' - a much less intimidating concept, is very feasible in Nepal and takes you on some great routes. We did some lovely day hikes and if we do ever get back we'd do more of this. We'd also build in more time for bird watching. The range of birds in Nepal and Bhutan make them a bird watchers paradise but to get the most out of that we should have made sure we had the time in the schedule to go to the right places for this and with guides who were specialists in this field, which I'm sure would have been possible if we'd pressed for it. Sadly the air pollution in Kathmandu is awful. We deliberately limited the time we were in the city and wore good quality face masks with filters whilst walking about. Having said that its a hugely vibrant and interesting place to be and we loved it.
Agency's response
Hi Happy traveller. Thanks a lot for the excellent review. It was great having you and Rob in Nepal. I look forward to seeing you again for your next adventure in Nepal :-)
Evaneos' response
Dear Happy traveller, Thank you for your feedback! We are more than happy that you enjoyed your trip to Bhutan and we are looking forward to see you again soon! Yours sincerely, Your Evaneos Team...Dear Happy traveller, Thank you for your feedback! We are more than happy that you enjoyed your trip to Bhutan and we are looking forward to see you again soon! Yours sincerely, Your Evaneos Team!See more
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