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Day 1: Buenos Aires - ​arrival 

Upon arrival at Ezeiza airport, you will be met by our representative and escorted to  your hotel. 

Overnight in Buenos Aires.  ( - / - / - )

Buenos Aires
Mérit San Telmo (Buenos Aires)

Day 2: City Tour Buenos Aires

The tour includes attractions such as the 9 de Julio Avenue, the Obelisk and  Corrientes Street. The first stop will be in the Plaza de Mayo so as to visit the  Cathedral and the Cabildo (Old City Hall). After that, the trip will continue towards the  most traditional neighborhood of Buenos Aires, San Telmo, which is characterized by  its old colonial houses and the cobblestoned streets.  

Later on, the tour will go to La Boca Neighborhood located in the south of the city.  There will be a new scheduled stop so as to look around the colorful zinc houses that  make up this area of Buenos Aires and that used to be the refuge and home for the  first immigrants and popular artists. Soon after, the vehicle continues to Puerto  Madero to get to Palermo: one of the most extended areas in the city and where it is  possible to find the popular woods of Palermo with more or less 300 ha (741 acres) of  gardens and artificial ponds surrounded by elegant buildings. Finally, the last point in  the tour is Recoleta, which is one of the most selected neighborhoods and where,  among other attractions, the Recoleta Cemetery can be found. Also, there are bars,  cafes and fancy restaurants that are worth a visit. Here will be the last stop so as to  walk to the cemetery area and its surroundings.   

Café De Los Angelitos Dinner Tango Show :
 Cafe de los Angelitos” is a live witness of more than one hundred years of Buenos  Aires history with a parade of the most outstanding personalities of the political and  artistic atmosphere from the 20th century.  The mystical coffee house, inaugurated in 1890 with name of Bar Rivadavia by the  Italian Bautisto Fazio, became a meeting point for “compadritos” (swaggerers) and  “malandras” (scoundrels) towards the end of the 19th Century. With rudimentary  premises and a dirt floor, the place was a scenario for the verbal duels of gaucho  minstrels Gabino Ezeiza, Higuito Cazon and Jose Betinotti Remodeled again following an ambitious architecture project, conformed by three  levels, it exhibits luxury and distinction every night with 21 artists that perform this  live show.  

Overnight in Buenos Aires.  (B / - / - ) 

Buenos Aires
Mérit San Telmo (Buenos Aires)

Day 3: Buenos Aires, Iguazu - ​Brazilian Iguazu Falls

At the set time you will be transferred to Aeroparque airport. Upon arrival at Puerto Iguazu airport, you will be met by the driver and escorted to your hotel located in Puerto Iguazu town. 

Brazilian Iguazu Falls  : The Brazilian Falls are located on the western side of the Paraná State in Brazil. They  were declared Natural World Heritage in the year 1986 by the UNESCO. This Brazilian park with 185,000 hectares (458,000 acres) borders the Argentinean National Park  and they are divided by the Iguazu River. Both parks make this region one of the  largest natural protected areas in South America.  

The tour starts at the Visitors’ Center, designed to be the access to the park. The  building functions as an embarking and disembarking station for visitors. In order to  be able to start the circuits along the catwalk floors, every visitor must take one of  the modern panoramic view busses so as to move safely within the park. The length  of the catwalk floors is 1,200 meters (0.8 miles) from where it is possible to get a  breathtaking view of the 275 waterfalls. The four main rapids on the Brazilian side  are: Floriano, Deodoro, Benjamín Constant and Salto Unión or The Devil´s Throat. At  the end of the path everyone will get on a panoramic elevator that will take them to  the bus units.  

Overnight in Iguazú. (B / - / - )

Yvi Iguazu ()

Day 4: Iguazú - Argentine Iguazu Falls 

The park was created in 1934 with the main aim to protect the majestic Iguazu Falls.  In 1984, the UNESCO declared this place Natural World Heritage due to the beauty of  the scenery and the biological diverse in this subtropical rainforest.  

The visit to the Iguazu National Park can be done via 3 circuits and on catwalks, best  known as Lower Path, Higher path and the Devil´s Throat Path. The Lower Path is a  1,200-metre-walk (0.8 miles) that gives a great view of the majority of the rapids and  falls from a front and lower point of view. The distances range from a bird’s eye point  of view of The Devil’s Throat together with several Brazilian rapids, to spectacular  close-ups to other falls. This walk has some high difficulty level due to the number of  steps along the way. (Approximate duration: 2 hours). The Higher Path is a 1,300-metre-walk (0.9 miles) that will raise every visitor´s  adrenaline level because of the vertigo of being at the edge of some waterfalls. This  walk has breathtaking sceneries from a cliff-point outlook and this is the less effort  demanding walk of the three traditional ones. No steps along the way. (Approximate  duration: 

The Devil’s Throat has to be access via the Ecological Jungle Train, and everyone must  get off at the stop named after this waterfall. From there, there is a stroll along the  catwalk which is a winding path that goes around the islands for 1,100 meters (0.7  miles) and ends in the large balconies located on the edge of falls. There are no steps  along the path.  (Approximate duration: 2 hours).  

Overnight in Iguazú.  

Yvi Iguazu ()

Day 5: Iguazú, Puerto Madryn

At the set time you will be transferred to Puerto Iguazu airport. Upon arrival at Trelew airport, you will be met by the hotel representative and escorted to your hotel located in Puerto Madryn.

 Overnight in Puerto Madryn.  (B / - / - )

Piren (Puerto Madryn)

Day 6: Puerto Madryn - ​Península Valdés Excursion

The tour leaves for Valdes Peninsula, declared a Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO, as  it is the only continental colony of elephant seals in the world. It crosses the Isthmus,  arriving at the Panoramic View Point, where in its narrowest part is possible to see  simultaneously the two Gulfs: the New Gulf on the left and San Jose Gulf on the right.  A few miles away, we stop at the Interpretation Centre of Peninsula Valdes, a  peninsular synthesis worth admiring. Then we visit Puerto Pyramids, a picturesque  seaside village, where you can enjoy its beautiful beach, take a nautical tour to spot,  depending on the season, whales, sea lions, cormorants, dolphins, among the main animal species.  

The tour continues to Caleta Valdés where, and taking in consideration the time of the  year you are, will visit Punta Delgada and Punta Norte. There you can be a part of an  elephants and sea lions watching activity, and seasonally a small colony of penguins.  Also occasionally you may spot whales and dolphins. Then you have the option for  stopping at a spot to taste a delicious lunch (not included). During the drive is possible to see guanacos, rheas, maras, birds, jumpers and martinetas among the key  species in the region. 

Overnight in Puerto Madryn.  (B / - / - )

Piren (Puerto Madryn)

Day 7: Puerto Madryn - Punta Tombo Excursion  

The Reserve of Punta Tombo is one of the largest penguin colony in the world, with  more than 400,000 Magellanic penguins coming in August and retire in March ashore  fulfilling their reproductive cycle. Punta Tombo is a narrow rocky jutting that merge  into the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches of fine and compacted sand are ideal for the  penguins to dig their nests. Vast areas of land are literally "mined" with shallow caves, where every year the penguins lay their eggs and raise the chicks. The gentle slope of  these beaches also facilitates the movement of land birds that several times a day made the journey between the nests and the sea to feed themselves. The Penguins, although alerts to human intrusion, do not leave their nests so that the interaction is quite direct. In order to prevent accidents and any kind of injuries to animals,  walkways have been built allowing visitors to circulate without bringing down the  caves. At the end of the tour and after lunch, you will be dropped off at the Trelew Airport.  

Overnight in Usuhaia. (B / - / -  )

Altos de Ushuaia (Ushuaia)

Day 8: Puerto Madryn, Ushuaia

At the set time you will be transferred to Puerto Madryn airport. Upon arrival at Ushuaia airport, you will be met by the hotel representative and escorted to your hotel located in town. 

Tierra del Fuego National Park Excursion :

Today, you will go on a half day tour to get to know the most southern protected  natural area and the only National Park with sea shores: The Tierra del Fuego National  Park. You will access to this park by taking the National Route No. 3.  Located close to the city of Ushuaia, the national park stretches 60 km (37 miles)  north from the Beagle Channel along the Chilean border. Its 630 km2 (244 sq. miles)  include parts of the Fagnano and Roca lakes, the second of which opens into the  Lapataia Bay on the southern coast, a popular point for treks. The park has dramatic  scenery, with waterfalls, forests, mountains and glaciers. The park’s topography is  very wide-ranging with mountains, rivers, valleys and lakes. It is very rich in flora and  fauna with a large number and an ample variety of species. After walking across lengas forests, watching beavers damns and maybe, admire  some wild animals and birds of this region; you will get to Lapataia bay where the  National rout No.3 ends, together with this tour.   

Sea Lion Island Navigation :

In this tour you will board the ship that departs from the Ushuaia Bay. You will be able  to have a full view of the southernmost city of Ushuaia Province, the Olivia Mount,  Fique Estancia and the Tunnel, the Escarpado Mount and the Encajonado River. Then,  you will get to the renowned Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse and the Lobos Island, where  you will observe the sea fauna. Then, in the Pajaros Island you will see the habitat of  the southern fur sea and numerous species of birds, such as cormorants, skuas, sea  gulls, petrels, ducks and albatrosses.  

Overnight in Ushuaia. (B / - / -  )

Altos de Ushuaia (Ushuaia)

Day 9: Ushuai, El Calafate

At the set time you will be transferred to Ushuaia airport. Upon arrival at El Calafate airport, you will be met by the hotel representative and escorted to your hotel located in town. 

Overnight in El Calafate.  (B / - / - )

Day 10: El Calafate - Perito Moreno Glacier Excursion

Today, you will leave in the morning to visit the renowned Perito Moreno glacier,  unique on the planet in its constant forward movement. Along the 85 km (53 mi) that  you will drive to get to the park, you will discover many Andean pre-cordillera sites  that are worth sight seen or recording on camera and by the Argentino Lake you will  access the National Park “Los Glaciares”. Along Brazo Rico River you will start to spot  the floating icebergs until you finally are able to grasp in all its awe this natural  wonder considered World Heritage by the United Nations. You will take the paths and  enjoy some time to observe and to have lunch. Then, in the afternoon you will go  back to the hotel. 

Overnight in El Calafate. (B / - / - )

Day 11: El Calafate - Rivers of Ice Navigation  

Today, you will leave on a tour to Los Glaciares National Park. You will board the ship  and navigate among the icebergs of various spectacular patterns of shape and size.  Please, note that due to a major ice break in the Upsala Glacier, there are several and  huge pieces of ice in the channel and that can affect the normal circuit of this tour and  the access to the Upsala Glacier. The return will be to Puerto Bandera. 

Overnight in El Calafate. (B / - / - )

El Calafate

Day 12: El Calafate - Buenos Aires - end of the tour 

At the set time, you will be transferred to the airport to fly back to Buenos Aires and 
connect with the international flight. 

Buenos AiresIguaçu FallsIguazú National ParkPuerto MadrynUshuaiaEl CalafatePerito Moreno Glacier

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